We offer insemination treatments (IUI) to patients between 23 and 42 years old. You can have IUI treatment with your partners sperm, a known donor or use a donor sperm from the exclusive BFA only catalogue.

Who is IUI suitable for?

  • Couples with unexplained infertility
  • Women with ovulation problems
  • Couples who require donor sperm
  • Single women seeking treatment with donor sperm

What happens before IUI?

  • Consultancy appointment with female doctor to discuss suitability
  • Free appointment for consent form completion
  • Screening and fertility blood tests
  • Counselling appointment to discuss donor sperm
  • Baseline scan
  • Potential fallopian tube check
  • Choose your donor and reserve a slot and samples

What happens during IUI ?

  • IUI can be natural or assisted depending on your hormone levels and what is most suitable for you. This will be discussed with the consultant and the BFA team.
  • Natural cycles – monitoring using ovulation (LH) sticks from day 8 or 9 of your cycle, when ovulation is indicated IUI is arranged for ~24 hours afterward. Injections for ovulation and scans be added as extra if you wish.
  • Assisted cycles – you will be given medication at the beginning to stimulate egg production and get you ready for ovulation and track your ovulation with LH sticks. If you ovulate naturally the IUI will be arranged for ~24 hours after, if you require an ovulation injection the IUI will be arranged for ~36 hours afterward. Assisted cycles must be monitored with scans.
  • Sperm is prepared on-site at BFA prior to the IUI procedure. For partner sperm the sample can be produced on-site on the day or frozen prior to treatment. For donor samples, these will be reserved for you and prepared on the day.
  • The IUI process involves passing a catheter through the cervix using a speculum to inject washed and prepared sperm directly into the womb.

What are the risks with IUI / DI ?

As with any fertility treatment there are risks. These will be discussed with you and you will be given information on the levels of risk for you. The risks may include:

  • cancelled cycles –  due to failed ovulation or too many eggs produced
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Miscarriage as with any pregnancy
  • Reactions to ovulation drugs
  • Bleeding or infections (rare)

Patient Support

We understand that fertility treatment is a new process for most people with a lot of information and things to think about which can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming. We are a small, friendly clinic so you will get to know the team well over the course of your treatment. You will be offered counselling before you start treatment which is independent of BFA, everything is confidential and you can see the counsellor as many times as you like, even during or after treatment if you feel this is necessary for you.

Please visit the support and partners page for extra support offered at BFA as well as external resources that may be useful.

Treatment timeline and waiting times

We have multiple consultancy appointments available each month so from initial contact you can expect to be seen by the consultant within a month. Following this, if you are suitable for IUI treatment, you will attend counselling and form filling in the following few weeks after if you are available. If you need to have blood tests and/or a HSG these have to be done on certain days of your cycle so this may delay treatment starting. However, once everything is in place and all paperwork is complete you will be ready to start treatment the following month.

Success Rates

The success rates for BFA can be found on the BFA profile page on the HFEA website, please follow the link below:

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