Sperm storage

Long term fertility preservation
Many patients are being diagnosed for cancer and require surgery which may mean men have not had time to complete or start a family. Many chemotherapy and radiotherapy regimes can interfere with sperm production and there are many different treatments which are tailored to your condition. Sometimes sperm production may return but in many cases it may not. You can preserve sperm for future use in case your fertility is permanently impaired by surgery or cancer therapies. We work closely with the Oncology teams who now have a quick referral procedure to store sperm, so you do not have to delay your important start to your therapy. We can offer weekend and out of hours appointments so you do not have to waste time and add to a stressful situation.

We also provide long-term freezing and storage for transgender patients that wish to preserve their fertility before undergoing hormone therapy.

Short term and surgical back up storage
Some abdominal surgery can interfere with the nerves that control erectile function and sperm storage is often offered to these patients. This may be only short term as erectile function may not be damaged and the samples are only stored as an “insurance policy” for a few months.

Men with testicular surgery or requirements for surgical retrieval of sperm, can also store sperm for fertility treatments. We can accept referrals for surgical retrieval of sperm by your Consultant and make arrangements for collection of the samples, transfer to, and storage at BFA. Vasectomy patients can also store sperm and we can discuss this with you.

Transgender male to female patients may now also consider storing sperm for future use to have their own genetic child. It is recommended that they do not start hormone therapy beforehand as this can damage sperm production. Specific support counselling is recommended for these procedures.

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