Payment terms and conditions

Payment in advance
All services and products provided by BFA (of whatever nature) and all applicable HFEA fees must be paid for, in full, in advance. Failing this, BFA will not be able to provide the relevant service or product.

How much is payable?
Prices are set out in BFA price lists, which will be provided to you. These price lists also specify what is included and excluded from certain types of treatments or services.
BFA is entitled to vary its prices as it from time to time thinks fit – for example, but without limitation, to reflect increased licensing, administrative or other overhead costs. BFA will notify you of changes relevant to you. The price you will pay for any product/service will be the price prevailing at the time the product or service is provided. However, if by prior arrangement you have made full payment for services/products to be provided at a later date, BFA will not alter that price.

BFA will provide receipted invoices for all amounts paid, setting out the service or product provided and the price.

Accepted methods of payment are : Cash, cheque, or direct bank transfer to  Brighton Fertility Associates,  Santander Bank : sort code 09-01-28 / Account 01508003.  We are currently negotiating to provide credit card facilities, however most providers are charging 1-2% for every transaction and we would have to pass this cost onto our users which would increase the fees.  It is therefore our current policy to use direct transfer for keep costs down for our clients.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, all prices are exclusive of VAT (value added tax) which (if payable) will be payable in addition at the appropriate rate(s) and at the same time.
VAT is payable on all donor sperm services, semen analysis and in certain sperm storage cases.

Termination of treatment
You may, at any time, notify BFA (in writing) that you wish to terminate the provision of any services or products.

Any payments you have made for services/products not yet provided will be refunded in full with the exception of services where cancellation fees apply, such as consultations with a doctor.

BFA may retain amounts reasonably required to meet any costs incurred by BFA and/or which it is otherwise liable to pay.

Donor sperm samples, once transferred to your chosen treatment centre, are non-refundable.

Courier fees once samples have been moved are not refundable.

Pregnancy rates are influenced by the centre offering treatment services and as such there can be no guarantee of pregnancy using donor sperm. You are not entitled to any refund in the event of no pregnancy occurring.

In the event of you discontinuing treatment before using all samples when a ten sample DonoReserve package is purchased, you are entitled to a refund of the donor pregnancy reservation only. This amount is typically £500 and will not cover the cost of the donor sperm samples not used as this is non-refundable.

If for any reason BFA terminates the provision of our services or treatment to you, there will be sufficient notice and written information given. BFA will refund payments for services/products which have not been provided and which have been paid for in advance, except that BFA may retain amounts reasonably required to meet any costs incurred by BFA and/or which it is otherwise liable to pay.

Private Health Insurance or Health Authority Funding
You are liable to pay BFA in full for all services/products. This is the case even if a third party or insurance company may be liable to reimburse or pay those amounts. If you need BFA to sign any claim forms in order to reclaim any amounts from your insurance company or any third party, please discuss this with our BFA staff.

Health authorities may fund some or all of storage fees for 1 -10 years. You are liable to pay the storage fees once this funded period has lapsed and it is your responsibility to renew storage at the end of the agreed period.

Interest and overdue accounts
All amounts must be paid in full, in advance. Any outstanding payments not made within 30 days of invoicing are subject to interest at 3% above Santander Bank base rate which is added monthly.
If payments are not made (in full or part paid) then this would be referred to a debt collection agency.

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