You can have IUI treatment here with donor or partner sperm or we can send samples for your chosen donor to other licensed fertility clinics in the UK, no matter how far away. We don’t believe in making a simple process complicated so we make it as comfortable and easy for you as possible.

The best start for you

We are a licensed sperm bank which means that you can be assured that sample safety and traceability is our priority. YOU chose the donor that is right for you. We provide you with an extensive informative and personal background about your donor so you can ensure that they are the right match for you and your family. When using a BFA donor you can be assured that you are allocated to 1 of a maximum of 10 families worldwide. We do not import donor samples or send samples to other countries so you don’t need to worry.

The best start for your child
At BFA, we believe the quality of information we collect about a donor is essential for both parents and their children. All children ask questions about where they are from at some stage and these needs vary at different times of their lives. Research has shown that donor children are much happier to know that information is there that if it is not. So at BFA we pride ourselves in asking our donors a variety of questions so you and your child can paint your own picture of him. You may be wondering if the donor has a scientific interest, a creative spark or just loves sport and our profiles can tell you all of that.

Who are our donors?

BFA donors are 21-45 years old and come from varied backgrounds. They are healthy, altruistic individuals who have to commit to a donation cycle over 6-12 months. All donors are fully screened for transmittable diseases and over 270 inherited diseases, so you can be assured that both yours and your future child’s health is protected. Donors are only accepted if there samples are above the average parameters, so quality of the samples used in your treatment is guaranteed. To start the search for your donor please contact us and we will send you our donor list via email.

Donor background information 

All donors are asked to provide various evidence so we can verify who they are and what they do.
Here is a list of the specific information that we can provide to you about our donors:

Physical characteristics:  Race, ethnic origin, height, weight, build, hair and eye colour, skin tone

Social:  Education, occupation, hobbies and interests, star sign

Personal:  Likes and dislikes, skills and special traits, detailed personality test and interview

Recommendations:  Staff description of donor

Celebrity lookalike including a specific photo most like the donor

Donor screening

Medical history for the donor and two generations of family members is gone through in detail with the consultant. We specifically perform the following tests:

Blood tests, including:
Blood group, HIV I & II, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B surface antigen, Hepatitis B core antibody, Hepatitis C antibody, HTLV I&II, Cytomegalovirus antibody (CMV), Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Trichomonas

Urine testing for 7 STIs 

Genetic tests for all donors before October 2017:
Cystic Fibrosis, Chromosome Analysis (Karyotype), Tay Sachs, Sickle Cell, Thalassemia (alpha and beta)

Genetic tests for all donors after October 2017: 

Donors are now tested for over 270 diseases and 2000 mutations by genotyping. For a full list of diseases and genes please ask and we will be happy to provide you with this. 

Any further testing for genetic diseases is available upon request.

Known donation 

If you have a known donor who wishes to donate to you specifically, then screening and quarantine rules for samples will still apply. Current standard quarantine recommendations indicate 180 days in storage until they are available for use, unless the samples are cleared using early detection screening. A registered donor is protected by Law, in that he does not have any legal obligation to the child(ren). For any other arrangements you are advised to seek specific legal advice. We will discuss with you in full any implications, you and the donors expectations and also go through a number of forms.

Our Donor Sample Options
BFA have sperm available in 0.5ml straws. All sperm samples contain:

  • good numbers of highly motile sperm (pre-freeze) with good binding properties.
  • Approximately 8 million per ml of highly motile sperm available post thawing.

The amount of sperm you may need depends on the treatment you are having and what protocols your treatment centre may use – if in doubt please ask and we can advise you. We would always recommend that you have a minimum of two samples to prevent any potential problems on your day of treatment. Sperm is a biological sample and does not always react consistently despite tight quality procedures. We specify if we have a donor with minimum quantity standards as IVF/ICSI only. Please note that sperm counts decrease during the preparation process, and this will vary according to the laboratory thawing/preparation processes and methods of counting at the treatment centre.