Fertility Assessments

Semen Analysis

We can perform a semen analysis for you with results available on the same day or next working day depending on your appointment time. You will receive a full report including the WHO guidelines for comparison and a summary of what the results mean for you. We can also send your results on to your GP, clinic or refer you to a fertility specialist if required. It is important to remember that sperm counts can fluctuate very dramatically in response to lifestyle and health issues. Sometimes it may be recommended to have more than one assessment.

Post vasectomy checks
If you have had a vasectomy you may want to check that all sperm have been cleared from the system. If sperm are still detected in your evaluation following a vasectomy it may be advised that you have a re-test. Your GP can refer you to BFA to have this done or you can refer yourself. It is recommended to have this at least 12 weeks after a vasectomy operation.

Female fertility blood tests 

Before fertility treatment you will need to have fertility blood tests but sometimes you may want to get these results before you start the process. You can discuss the results with your GP or speak to or consultant about your next options.

Blood tests and scans before treatment abroad

We understand that there are a growing number of people seeking fertility treatment abroad. We provide services for blood screening for both men and women before going abroad, as well as scans. Any tests results or reports that we perform at BFA can then be sent on to your chosen clinic ready for your treatment.

Fertility health referrals and partners
We understand there may be many ways to improve your fertility, and have established links to experienced specialists who cover different fields. You can view these services on our support and partners page. Please contact us for further details or to enquire about appointments.

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