Fertility Assessment
If you are thinking of starting a family and wish to check your fertility we can do a semen evaluation for you. If any issues become apparent through your assessment this will be discussed with you and we can refer you to an appropriate fertility specialist if required. We will provide you with a full report including comments that we can also send onto your GP/Clinic if you wish. It is important to remember that sperm counts can fluctuate very dramatically in response to lifestyle and health issues.

Post vasectomy checks
If you have had a vasectomy you may want to check that all sperm have been removed from the system as it may take a while to achieve this. If sperm are still detected in your evaluation following a vasectomy it may be advised that you have a re-test. Your GP can refer you to BFA to have this done or you can refer yourself.

Fertility health referrals and partners
We understand there may be many ways to improve your fertility, and have established links to experienced specialists who cover different fields. Some are listed below with links to their contact details. Please contact us for further details.

Rory Singer  /  rory@ontopofthemountain.com

Leigh Till /  leightill.co.uk

Acupuncture for fertility & IVF
Richard Mudie / www.sussexacupuncture.co.uk  / 07786 184759

Suzanne Till /  shentherapies.co.uk


Fertilix / www.fertilix.co.uk / Buy online or Contact us to by in clinic