About Brighton Fertility Associates

Brighton Fertility Associates (BFAis a private limited company licensed by the HFEA. We are a small, friendly clinic of all female staff situated just set back from Brighton seafront.

Our primary aim is to provide patients with high quality donor sperm that is limited to only 10 families worldwide. Sperm can be used at BFA in IUI treatment or can be sent to licensed clinics across the UK for use.

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide a modern, open and high-quality UK sperm bank. Our vision is to create a more informative donation process and to ensure patients have the choice of a UK based donor bank. Unlike other banks we ensure that no samples are sent or ordered from abroad, so you can be assured that your donor has only created 10 families worldwide.

Aside from our sperm bank, we also take pride in offering fertility services to people in Brighton. You may be seeking IUI treatment with partner sperm or you may want to use one of our donors. You may want to freeze your sperm for long-term storage if you are having treatment that affects your fertility. You may want to have some fertility assessments. Whatever you need we can guide you.

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