Welcome to BFA

Brighton Fertility Associates mission is to provide a welcoming and comfortable fertility centre to support you throughout the fertility journey. We are a small, friendly clinic situated just set back from Hove Lagoon with easy access by car (parking available), train (Portslade Station) or bus( many options).

COVID- 19 Protocols July 2021 onwards:

The world keeps changing but our commitment to your safety is the same. We are continuing with our COVID protocols as we think it is important to protect our clients and staff until the overall UK infection levels reduce. This means all staff continue to be tested regularly, and we ask all visitors to continue with pre checks, limiting companions, wearing a facemask, using hand sanitiser and consultations will remain by video at present. We understand that the uncertainties of COVID adds extra stress for fertility treatment, so if you are finding it hard to cope let us know and we have counsellors who can help. We will keep all our clients updated with any new official COVID or vaccine guidance so you can make the right choices for you and aim to make your treatment as supported and stress free as possible.

If you are attending BFA centre please observe the following procedures to protect you and our staff:

You must have an appointment.

  1. Do not attend with children or other friends,
  2. Complete your prechecks either online or at BFA
  3. Respect social distancing,
  4. Wear a facemask
  5. Please use the hand sanitiser provided
  6. Please follow all protocols in the unit

We all hope that you understand that normally we would welcome your family and friends to attend with you, and apologise that it is not possible at the moment. We regularly review this protocol with evidence based best practice guidelines. 

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